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ACTION is a cancer-focused research unit embedded in a regional cancer center. As a consequence, its objectives are directed toward improvement of patient care. Its topics include various types of cancer from quite rare (sarcomas, chronic myeloid leukemia) to frequent tumors (lung and breast cancer) and transversal themes such as cancer and aging, response to immunotherapy and oncogenesis in various types of cancer. This website will outline major objectives and significant publications as well as our researchers and teams.

Yet our history led to a bigger one that is the launch of a new research unit of a larger size, over 200 people, working together to find solutions to fight cancer. The BRIC (Bordeaux Institute in Oncology) research Unit is currently under evaluation by the HCERES and Inserm, merging four research units in one. It will be located in two sites of the University to facilitate exchanges and collaborations. This initiative is part of an even larger one called Oncosphere which make the link with all other partners of cancer research in Bordeaux, from technological research to epidemiology and humanities and social sciences with support of our Trustees (Inserm and University) and partners (Institut Bergonié and CHU de Bordeaux as well as Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine). This is the beginning of a larger story where interdisciplinarity will pave the way towards new insights.


Pr Pierre Soubeyran