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Thématique 1

Thématique 1

Oncogenesis and Therapeutic Targeting of the Sarcoma Cell (ONCOSARC)


Sarcoma Research Group

  • Identification of critical molecular mediators of oncogenic signaling in sarcomas.
  • Characterization of response and resistance mechanisms to targeted therapies in sarcomas.
  • Preclinical modelling and validation of therapeutic strategies to be translated into the clinic.


  • Characterization of the immunological features of sarcomas.
  • Development of Dna Damage Repair based therapeutic strategies in sarcomas .
  • Genomic and transcriptomic landscape of resistance to therapies in sarcomas.
  • Preclinical development of targeted therapies in sarcomas.


  • Principal Investigator
    • Antoine ITALIANO
  • Pre-Doctoral Fellows
  • Student
  • Post-Doctoral Fellows
  • Research Engineer
  • Research technician
  • Bioinformatician